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"I have practiced yoga off/on for 40 years. It wasn't until I met Dorothy that I started practicing every day of the week! She really knows how to relate and read her clients. I've learned so much from Dorothy in the 4 years of working with her and am better for it! Always, always professional but personable also. A warm welcoming smile!"

--Chris Robinson, Retired

  Bellevue, WA

"Dorothy is the embodiment of the warmth, serenity and positive spirit that we all strive for in yoga. She is an excellent teacher for all levels, whether you are a complete novice, a more advanced student or someone simply seeking a good stretch and a recharging of your heart center. I was a beginner when I first took Dorothy's class and was pleased that her classes were both comfortable and as challenging as I wanted them to be, and always with clear guidance about safe postures and poses. Her sense of humor and 100 megawatt smile can really get your day off to a great start and is part of why her classes always had a line forming well before the door opened. Everyone at the Coal Creek (WA) YMCA misses Dorothy, wish her the best and hope she comes back for visits. Namaste, Dorothy!"

--Dana Sullivan, President at Dana Sullivan Design/Illustration

 Greater Seattle Area

"I took yoga classes for four years from Dorothy. I am stronger, more flexible and more graceful as a result. She is knowledgeable, understanding, and always helpful. Her voice is the most soothing and calming of any yoga instructor I've experienced. Her classes were always full and we would love to have her back!!"

--Vicki O'Briant, Retired from IBM

   Greater Seattle Area

"I have taken Yoga classes from Dorothy for over three years, and not only is she extremely knowledgeable about yoga applications, she remained the center of tranquil professionalism with a gentle spirit. I am extremely thankful to her for helping me attain a higher level of flexibility and strength at age 65. I remain deeply saddened at her departure from Washington, yet I know she will continue to share her skills and talent with a new group of fortunate students."

​--Melinda Wahlstrom, Retired Consultant at Boeing

  Greater Seattle Area

"As an educator and a class participant, I highly recommend Dorothy Corrigan as a yoga teacher. She uses her expert knowledge of yoga, her kind, loving personality as well as her experience as a teacher to give her students an enriching experience in yoga no matter what the level of yoga expertise or age of the participants.....

After a class with Dorothy, I would feel like I had left a spa, relaxed and refreshed to face the day! She made everyone feel special, because each person was special to her. My hope is that she will be given the opportunity to share her expertise and her beautiful gift as a yoga instructor to more fortunate people in your area."

​--Ann Marie Braaten

​ Greater Seattle Area