"Dorothy is the embodiment of the warmth, serenity and positive spirit that we all strive for in yoga. She is an excellent teacher for all levels, whether you are a complete novice, a more advanced student or someone simply seeking a good stretch and a recharging of your heart center. I was a beginner when I first took Dorothy's class and was pleased that her classes were both comfortable and as challenging as I wanted them to be, and always with clear guidance about safe postures and poses. Her sense of humor and 100 megawatt smile can really get your day off to a great start and is part of why her classes always had a line forming well before the door opened. Everyone at the Coal Creek (WA) YMCA misses Dorothy, wish her the best and hope she comes back for visits. Namaste, Dorothy!"
--Dana Sullivan
  Greater Seattle Area​

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"I’ve been taking multiple weekly yoga classes for the past 10 years and have come across many yoga teachers, some good and some not so good. Dorothy epitomizes THE BEST in many ways. She excels in her field, providing skilled balanced instruction with genuine grace and compassion, always with a smile on her face. I would re-organize my work and social schedule, just so I could attend Dorothy’s classes which left me feeling inspired, relaxed and happy, not to mention stronger and more flexible.

Every class I go to, I compare the teacher to Dorothy. The bar is set high and so far, I haven’t met anyone who comes close. The Bay Area yoga students miss Dorothy and are envious of any yoga studio or student who is lucky enough to have Dorothy as a teacher. I highly recommend Dorothy if you are looking for a great yoga teacher."

--Fay Fingles
  Sunnyvale, CA​​


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"Dorothy is, hands-down, the best yoga instructor I have ever had, and I've been to many different yoga classes in a variety of cities throughout the US. She is highly skilled but also makes you feel comfortable going at your own pace. She focuses on alignment and listening to your body. She strikes the perfect balance between exercise and relaxation. Her classes became the highlight of my week, and I greatly looked forward to every class. When I became pregnant, Dorothy sent me a variety of resources and also took time to suggest alternative poses; I felt comfortable knowing I had expert guidance to continue my yoga practice and accommodate my changing body without hurting myself. She also has a warm, welcoming, sweet personality. And her music choices are great! :-) Any studio would be extremely lucky to have Dorothy."
--Alison Wynn
  San Francisco Bay Area​​​​

​"I took yoga classes for four years from Dorothy. I am stronger, more flexible and more graceful as a result. She is knowledgeable, understanding, and always helpful. Her voice is the most soothing and calming of any yoga instructor I've experienced. Her classes were always full and we would love to have her back!!"
--Vicki O'Briant
  Greater Seattle Area

"Dorothy was literally born to be a coach.  Her innate ability to help you create a better version of yourself can be called nothing other than a gift.  She doesn’t have to work at it, it’s just simply who she is.  Her encouragement, support, never-ending positivity, ability to pull you through when you think you can’t, her ideas for shifting the focus when you need to and working with you from the exact place you are in that moment, are truly unparalleled.  Getting to know her in this capacity has not only added value to my life, but has renewed my belief that there really are people out there who do this not only because they can, but because helping and encouraging others is exactly who they were meant to be." 
​--Amanda Flamm ​
  Dillon, MT

"Dorothy inspires through positive motivation and understanding while being a "real person" who has her own struggles like all of us.  I've participated for several years with her on an on-line health program and you can feel her support and encouragement even from afar.  She's Amazing - True coach, friend and cheerleader!"
--Kym Forester
Cypress, CA

"Dorothy kept me motivated with her uplifting enthusiasm. She was my cheerleader! I couldn't have done it without her coaching!"
--Sheryl Law Manning
​ Washington, D.C.

"As coach of our online group, Dorothy inspired, supported and encouraged each one of us in a way that was equal, spirited and attentive. She got to know us all by recognizing our strengths, challenges, and unique personalities; she made us each feel attended to! It takes someone who truly enjoys her work so much that it is no longer work to do what Dorothy does, gifting others with a healthy sense of well-being. I especially appreciate her upbeat and positive attitude. Thank you, Dorothy!"
--Nancy Liebl Eggleston  
  Olympia, WA

​"I have practiced yoga off/on for 40 years. It wasn't until I met Dorothy that I started practicing every day of the week! She really knows how to relate and read her clients. I've learned so much from Dorothy in the 4 years of working with her and am better for it! Always, always professional but personable also. A warm welcoming smile!"

--Chris Robinson

  Bellevue, WA