Breathe First Yoga classes are designed with you in mind.  We take time before each class to get centered and just breathe. We like to give you the opportunity to let go of whatever is occupying your mind before you even begin your active practice.  Class typically wraps up with restorative yoga postures, guided relaxation and of course, shavasana.  You'll leave feeling balanced and peaceful...ready to face whatever stresses you encounter in your life. 

You'll find Breathe First Yoga in a variety of studios and gyms...most of which have free trial periods and/or great "New Student Specials".  

Breathe First Yoga also runs donation-based outdoor classes through and reasonably priced series of indoor classes through the Mountain View Community Center.

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Think Yoga is too Expensive?

Breathe First.  Live Better.

Life can be hectic.  Relax.  Breathe First Yoga brings you the opportunity for increased health and wellness through a well-designed yoga practice.  We meet you where you are...whether you are new to yoga or whether you've been practicing for years.  

Yoga instruction that fits your needs!

Perfectly fine!  You don't have to be flexible to come to yoga.  In yoga you start where you are and build from there.  We can teach you how to use yoga props to get a safe stretch and provide alternate postures for those who need them!

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